Bad guys keep winning (Part V)


The above amazing slide is from the recent Microsoft Ignite 2019 session – SECI20 – Shut the door to cybercrime with identity-driven security.

This means that vast majority of Microsoft Cloud tenants DO NOT have their admin account secured via MFA. You could understand maybe 5 or 10 percentage as ‘break glass’ style accounts but 92%??

Would you not say that in the past year we, as a society, have become MORE dependent on technology? I know many business can’t run a business without technology but not enabling simple protective measure like this is simply amazing! It also makes you wonder at how much else is not secured appropriately? I think saying that 92% of ALL IT installations are not appropriately secured would not be far wrong.

The good news is that, if you take the time to implement things like MFA, you are more secure than 92% of systems out there. Given that bad guys go after the easiest target (law of the jungle), it kinda makes you less susceptible. Sad but true, that there are plenty of victims out there just waiting to happen!

I’m sure there is a lot of finger pointing that can be had as to who is responsible and who needs to do what, however all that is irrelevant as it simply means the bad guys are rubbing their hands together as the 92% vacillates over implementing what really should be mandatory!

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