Windows SharePoint Tutorials eBook

Have just released my Windows SharePoint Master Class: Tutorials book now in both ePub and Kindle formats along with the original PDF format. The publication is only $2.99 for any format. Here’s a description of the contents:


Windows SharePoint Master Class:Tutorials


This book is designer for those that want to take Windows SharePoint Services v 3.0 beyond the basics. Implementing things like workflows and integrating with Microsoft Office allows you to unleash so much more of the power behind SharePoint. Every chapter in this book will give your techniques you can use with SharePoint to make it work better in your business.

Apart from workflows you’ll learn how to create linking with Office products to create updating charts, the ability to take SharePoint information offline and more. Even though this book focuses on Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 the information is relevant for all versions of SharePoint and provides a quick way for readers to get up to speed with this powerful tool from Microsoft.

If you want to make the most of Windows SharePoint Services then this book is for you.


You’ll find this and all my other publications (free and commercial) at


Look out for new titles coming soon.

Before you ask

I am surprised that no one has sent me an email yet asking whether SharePoint 2013 Beta can upgrade the existing version of Companyweb on SBS 2011. So before you ask, yes it can. I wouldn’t recommend it just yet for a swag of reasons.


However, as the screen shots below can testify, it can be done.






Naturally you have questions like:


– is this supported?

– how do you do it?

– do all the SBS wizards still work?


For the answers to these and many other questions you’ll probably have about SharePoint Foundation 2013 beta on SBS 2011 you’ll have to stay tuned to future posts.

SharePoint Foundation 2013 Install–Episode 1

With new version of Office available this also means a new version of SharePoint and SharePoint Foundation. Given that everyone is probably banging on about everything else I thought I’d start taking a look at SharePoint Foundation 2013.


My first attempt was to try and install it on a stand alone server box (i.e. workgroup) using the default options, which I have always done with previous versions.


Am am able to install SharePoint and then commence the configurations wizard but I get this nasty message:




It kinda says “in a workgroup environment is not supported”.


Interesting, seems like you need to have the server as part of a domain to actually install now. That’s different.


I’m sure I can do it on a stand alone server via PowerShell but the first thing to note. No more default install onto a stand alone server.



Desktop to Cloud User Group next week

Please don’t forget the upcoming Desktop to Cloud User Group meeting next Wednesday from 6.15pm at 234 Miller St North Sydney (Stanton Library). Full directions available at


If you missed the first meeting you can read a round up at:


In this meeting we’ll


– hear from ex Microsoftie Mark O’Shea about InTune and what transpired at Microsoft TechEd in the US.

– have a look at the ‘must have’ apps for every device in our inaugural ‘App smack down challenge’.

– look at the new Office 365 beta and Office 13 software.

– if time permits, we’ll also have a discussion around the implications of SBS being discontinued and what options are available for on site server solutions.


If you are planning to attend I’d appreciate you registering at:



if you haven’t already. I’d also really appreciate if you can let anyone else who may be interested I attending the details and sharing via social media and the hastag #d2cloud


I look forward to seeing you there.

There’s a new Office in town

The beta of Office 13 has just hit the wires and you can sign up for a copy at:


Here are also some promo videos:


CIAOPS Podcast–Episode 33


In this episode I’m joined by Ken Shafer and Jeff Middleton to discuss the recent changes to the Microsoft Small Business Server offerings. We chat about what the changes mean and what impact they will have on resellers and the community at large. We look at some ideas for what needs to happen in the SMB technology reseller space. If you sell or support Windows Small Business Server don’t miss this episode.


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I am always looking for guests to appear on the show so if you are interested please contact me directly (

More eBook titles

I have now completed the conversion and upload of a number of my titles. If you are looking for the ePub and Kindle formats of the title they are now available:


Getting Started With Companyweb 2010


Getting Started With Companyweb 2010 (ePub)


Getting Started With Companyweb 2010 (Kindle)


This title is great for those starting using SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Small Business Server 2010 and is only $1.99 which I think is pretty good value for some training material.


Stay tuned for a few more titles that will become available very shortly.