An important day

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Australian and New Zealand troops going ashore at Gallipoli in Turkey in an ultimately futile attempt to shorten World War I. What many don’t realise is that just three short years later on the 25th of April 1918 these same troops would liberate the small town of Villers-Bretonneux in northern France in an action that was described at the time as:

“perhaps the greatest individual feat of the war”


“altogether astonishing valiance” ( most likely meaning valour )

The ANZACS had by now left a lasting legacy on the world stage and had become recognised as some of the best fighting troops that the Allied command possessed.

Their last major action in World War One was in a place that few have ever heard of, Mont St Quentin The result was that three weakened Australian Divisions were able to defeat five German Divisions. The action saw its fair share of heroics, with eight Victoria Crosses awarded, and losses, with 20% of attacking forces becoming casualties. The battle was a true infantry victory achieved without the use of tanks or creeping artillery barrage.

The 25th of April is more than just the anniversary of ANZACs going ashore at Gallipoli, it is remembering all those who have served and continue to serve our country and especially those who never returned. We can never truly appreciate their sacrifice but we can, and do pause at this time to ensure their actions are never forgotten.

Lest we Forget

You can read more about the ANZAC contribution in France during World War One at my web site:

You can follow the events via:

Enable Dropbox Integration in Office 365


Login to your Office 365 portal and navigate to:

where you should see the above screen.


Select the Word Online icon.


Word Online will now launch and you should see the splash screen you see above prompting for Dropbox integration.

Select Add Dropbox account and enter yoru Dropbox account details if prompted.


Once you have entered your details you will see in the top a drop down menu with options for OneDrive for Business and Dropbox as shown above.


In the bottom left as well, you will see the above locations you can select to open a file from, OneDrive for Business and Dropbox.


If you select Open from Dropbox you will be able to navigate your Dropbox file locations and select a file.


The first time you select a Dropbox file you’ll be prompted to allow Microsoft Office Online to access Dropbox as shown above.

Select Allow to proceed.


You’ll now be able to edit that document in Word Online.


In the bottom of the window in the middle you will see that any updates you make are Saved to Dropbox automatically.


If you now go into your Dropbox at any time and select an Office document you can elect to open it with the appropriate Office Online application.

Pretty handy if you are using Dropbox in some capacity along with Office 365. I couldn’t see a way to open from say Dropbox and save to OneDrive for Business for example, hopefully we’ll that edition in the not to distant future.

Forcing an update of Office 365 desktop applications

Let’s say that you want to ensure that you have the latest desktop software via Office 365 click to run. In this case I wanted to ensure that I had the Skype for Business update on my desktop.

Of course, you need to have installed your Office desktop application from an Office 365 plan that includes Office desktop software. To update simply open one of these applications.


Select the File tab of the application to view the backstage area as shown above.

From the menu on the left select Account.


On the right hand side you should see a section Office Updates.


Select Update Now from the menu that appears when you select the Update Options button.


If there are new updates to be installed they will now be downloaded. The time taken will depend on how many updates need to be installed.


Any Office applications that are running may need to be shut down to apply updates.


The updates will be applied.


When complete and you run the applications again they should be updated as you can now see I have Skype for Business on the desktop.

So, if you want to manually force your Office Click to Run updates, simply go into an Office application and do so.

Free Cloud Q and A tomorrow


I’m back on deck for our free monthly public Cloud Business Blueprint webinar, tomorrow Thursday the 23rd of April 2015 at 12.30pm Sydney time. We run this regularly to give people an update of everything that is happening in the cloud as well as the ability to ask any question. You can still sign up for the webinar here:

We also do plenty of demos and have some great input from attendees so the webinar provides a huge amount of value by giving you a summary of all the latest changes in the cloud plus demonstrations and tutorials.

We also record these webinars for the Cloud Business Blueprint community so they can be view on demand. There you’ll find all the previous webinars plus on demand training, forums, white papers, templates, best practices and more. So if you are an IT reseller focused on providing cloud solutions you should join us.

If you can’t make this month’s event, don’t worry, there will one next month and you can sign up at the same place:

I hope to see you there.

Need to know podcast–Episode 82

I’m joined by Darryl McAllister, a MSP business owner from Sydney, to discuss the value of certifications and how to provide a better career path for employees. We also look at the changes in technology and business as well as discussing some opportunities with the latest cloud applications.

You can listen to the episode at:

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The podcast is also available on Stitcher at:

Don’t forget to give the show a rating as well as send me any feedback or suggestions you may have for the show. I’m also on the hunt for some co-presenters so if you are interested on being a regular part of the show please contact me.


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Office Online and Dropbox web integration now available –

Delve apps for iOS and Android –

Office 365 video app –

SharePoint Team Site default increase –

The Dark Web –

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Free SharePoint email course now at


Default SharePoint Online Team Site storage gets boosted


Hallelujah is all I can say (although I have speculated that this would eventually happen previously).

Looking through some of the announcements in the Office 365 roadmap and I found this under the In Development section:

This update will bring two key enhancements for Sites in Office 365 and OneDrive for Business. First, you will be able to upload files greater than 2GB – up to 10GB – to both Sites’ document libraries and OneDrive for Business. We, too, will provide a greater amount of default storage for Office 365 Sites usage (for documents and information); Office 365 tenants will now get 1TB + (500MB * # of E/A/G users); this calculation used to be 10GB + (500MB * # of E/A/G users).

Yeah, Yeah and Yeah! Team Sites go from 10GB starting to 1TB starting! Yeah, Yeah and Yeah again!

It is listed as under development and I can’t wait because having Teams Sites starting at 10GB and OneDrive For Business starting at 1TB per user made many businesses think of OneDrive for Business as a team collaboration solution (which it ain’t what it was designed for).

Think about this, 10GB to 1,000GB per Team site for every new and existing Team Site. That is a 100x increase in one hit! The exponential power of the cloud.

Hallelujah is all I can say (now just gotta wait for it roll out).

Delve apps released

Microsoft has released mobile Delve apps for Android and iOS. These apps allow you to view your Office 365 Delve information on the go.

Delve is an Office 365 technology that surfaces relevant information based on your interactions with others in you business and Office 365 services like SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, Yammer and so on. It uses signals created these to determine what is the most relevant information to you.

If you want to know more about what Delve is take a look at my previous post:

Delve rolling out now

Unfortunately, it seems that here in Australia we’ll need to wait a few weeks before we can use the apps as the roll out is only in the US at the moment but is coming to other countries ‘soon’.

The Delve service has also added the ability to ‘blog’:

“The new tool allows you to both edit and view pages from your mobile device, auto-saving as you go.  It also provides the ability to post pages directly to Yammer, automatically creating friendly, readable URLs. And because it’s integrated across Office 365, it’s easy to embed documents inline from OneDrive for Business, videos from Office 365 Video, even photos from your desktop. And finally, it’s fast, modern and ready-to-go.”

You can read the full Microsoft announcement here: