Forcing an update of Office 365 desktop applications

Let’s say that you want to ensure that you have the latest desktop software via Office 365 click to run. In this case I wanted to ensure that I had the Skype for Business update on my desktop.

Of course, you need to have installed your Office desktop application from an Office 365 plan that includes Office desktop software. To update simply open one of these applications.


Select the File tab of the application to view the backstage area as shown above.

From the menu on the left select Account.


On the right hand side you should see a section Office Updates.


Select Update Now from the menu that appears when you select the Update Options button.


If there are new updates to be installed they will now be downloaded. The time taken will depend on how many updates need to be installed.


Any Office applications that are running may need to be shut down to apply updates.


The updates will be applied.


When complete and you run the applications again they should be updated as you can now see I have Skype for Business on the desktop.

So, if you want to manually force your Office Click to Run updates, simply go into an Office application and do so.

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