If you missed my chat with Karl Palachuk

You can download the audio of the conference call by clicking:


Download Now – MP3 format (9.5MB – 1 hour duration)


I enjoyed doing the call and hope that anyone listening got a better understanding about using and selling Sharepoint in their business as well a better understanding of what my Windows Sharepoint Operations Guide has to offer.


As Karl mentioned in the call I’ll soon be in Seattle at SMB Nation doing a presentation on “Improving your business with Sharepoint”. So if you’re going to be at SMB Nation come up and say hi, I’d love chatting about Sharepoint, SBS or business in general. If you can’t make it SMB Nation then I’ll see what I can do about posting up the presentation for you to download.


In the meantime, enjoy the recorded conference call and let me know if you have any comments.

Pimp my infrastructure

I’ve been telling people about this for ages

I remember reading a long time ago about this sort of technology but now I’ve actually got some images I can show.

Looks like a pen right?

It’s a pen and a PC all in one!

And even with my fat little fingers I’ll be able to use a mobile device properly. No more keyboards, the device projects a keyboard image onto the surface in front of you, where your fingers cut the beam is the letter it reads. Smart stuff!

Truly amazing but given the rate at which things are changing now days it won’t be long before Dell and HP will be selling pens and giving you a free PC eh?

Here’s a pretty cool site

Just came across this really nice offering from Trend Micro. I think the site tries too hard to be all glitzy and Web 2.0 and may be a little slow at time but it is a great resource once you get it running. The entry page is:

You’ll see that I’ve clicked on the Trend Tracker to get a load of interesting statistics.

You can navigate by clicking on the little page icons (looks a bit like the aero interface) in the top left of the window. Down the right hand side you’ll find a whole heap of handy links.

When you click on the TrendIQ section you’ll also find on the left a number of videos which aren’t too bad. They maybe something worth showing your customers to give them a better idea of the security threats faced and why Internet security is important.

I haven’t seen any advertising of this site by Trend which is strange because I think it is a great resource.

SMB Conference call

Got some time to kill Thursday morning the 25th of September (Sydney, Australia time)? Well, between 7 and 8 am Sydney time I’ll be chatting with Karl Palachuk from SMB Books about Sharepoint. To register go here:




and don’t forget to convert the times to your local timezone (in Sydney it’ll be 7 am on Thursday September 25 2008, while in the US it will be Wednesday, September 24, 2008 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT).


The topic will be Windows SharePoint. We’ll focus on the strategic side of customizing and selling SharePoint. We’ll also talk more generically about developing a business around customizing existing products.


I hope that you’ll be able to join us.

Basic user operations in SBS 2008 video

Here’s a new video I’ve created that steps you through some of the basics for working with users in SBS 2008.



I appreciate that it is very simple but I wanted to give people who haven’t yet seen SBS 2008 a quick overview of how easy it is. Going forward I plan to create more SBS 2008 videos and start to dive deeper into the capabilities of the product. Till then enjoy

I think this is way cool

What I really love about SharePoint is that it is so extensible. You can not only add SharePoint web parts but you can also include stuff like embedded YouTube videos, Google Calendar and other standard HMTL. In that vein, have a look at what I’ve been able to do with the following page:


Supportweb embedded SBS videos


When you click on a link (only two at the moment) a window should display over the current SharePoint page and one of my YouTube videos will start playing inside a box. To return to the SharePoint page simply click the Close button or just click outside the video box.


What I like about this solution is that it is simple to deploy and allows streaming video (or any other web content to be displayed) over the top of an existing Sharepoint page. That way I don’t have to host the videos on my Sharepoint site and I don’t have to use my bandwidth to display them, I let ‘someone’ else do all the heavy lifting. I think that is way cool.


I’ll be working to incorporate all the videos I have done up here shortly and completely link it  from the main page. In the meantime drop me a note and let me know what you think, I’d love to get your feedback.


Subscribers to my Windows Sharepoint Operations Guide will get full details of how they can implement this in their own Sharepoint sites very soon. Don’t you wish you were a subscriber?