Default SharePoint Online Team Site storage gets boosted


Hallelujah is all I can say (although I have speculated that this would eventually happen previously).

Looking through some of the announcements in the Office 365 roadmap and I found this under the In Development section:

This update will bring two key enhancements for Sites in Office 365 and OneDrive for Business. First, you will be able to upload files greater than 2GB – up to 10GB – to both Sites’ document libraries and OneDrive for Business. We, too, will provide a greater amount of default storage for Office 365 Sites usage (for documents and information); Office 365 tenants will now get 1TB + (500MB * # of E/A/G users); this calculation used to be 10GB + (500MB * # of E/A/G users).

Yeah, Yeah and Yeah! Team Sites go from 10GB starting to 1TB starting! Yeah, Yeah and Yeah again!

It is listed as under development and I can’t wait because having Teams Sites starting at 10GB and OneDrive For Business starting at 1TB per user made many businesses think of OneDrive for Business as a team collaboration solution (which it ain’t what it was designed for).

Think about this, 10GB to 1,000GB per Team site for every new and existing Team Site. That is a 100x increase in one hit! The exponential power of the cloud.

Hallelujah is all I can say (now just gotta wait for it roll out).

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