CIAOPS MS-900 Exam prep course now available


I’ve just taken the wraps off my latest online Microsoft exam prep training. This time it is for the Microsoft MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam. This exam isn’t as technical as others but is still a very good broad overview of the what Microsoft 365 is all about and I certainly recommend people look at doing this exam, especially as a starting port for their certifications.

I am a big believer in industry certifications as I have details previously here:

The benefits of certification

The major benefit is provide a good base of knowledge to move forward in today’s ever changing technology world. This is important today because so many new cloud services are dependent on technologies like Azure AD, Identity and so on. Also, certification exams force you to learn the breadth of the product, which then allows you to provider better solutions and security.

You can sign up for this new course here:

and look out for more courses coming soon from the CIAOPS.

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