CIAOPS AZ-900 Exam prep course now available


I am happy to announce I have completed another online Microsoft exam prep training. This time it is for the Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam. This exam is an excellent starting point if you are looking to get into Azure. It is quite broad but it is important to remember that it is focused on ensuring you have a basic understanding of most of the Azure services. That means, you need to know what they are and what they do NOT how to configure them individually.

I am a big believer in industry certifications as I have details previously here:

The benefits of certification

It is important to have Azure in your tool bag these days because new services like Windows Virtual Desktop are built on a variety of Azure services. To do anything with Windows Virtual Desktop, you are going to need to have Azure knowledge and this AZ-900 is a great starting point on that journey.

You can sign up for this new course here:

and look out for more courses coming soon from the CIAOPS.

CIAOPS MS-900 Exam prep course now available


I’ve just taken the wraps off my latest online Microsoft exam prep training. This time it is for the Microsoft MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam. This exam isn’t as technical as others but is still a very good broad overview of the what Microsoft 365 is all about and I certainly recommend people look at doing this exam, especially as a starting port for their certifications.

I am a big believer in industry certifications as I have details previously here:

The benefits of certification

The major benefit is provide a good base of knowledge to move forward in today’s ever changing technology world. This is important today because so many new cloud services are dependent on technologies like Azure AD, Identity and so on. Also, certification exams force you to learn the breadth of the product, which then allows you to provider better solutions and security.

You can sign up for this new course here:

and look out for more courses coming soon from the CIAOPS.

CIAOPS MS-101 Certification prep course now available

I am happy to announce that the CIAOPS MS-101 Certification prep course is now available for purchase. This builds on the existing successful CIAOPS MS-100 Certification course.

The good news is that if you are one of the first few to purchase the course you’ll receive a 50% discount off the purchase price as a “beta tester”. Please the code MS101BETA at check out or this link to receive the discount. Remember, there are only a limited number of discounted places available so hurry. No matter when you purchase the, you’ll continue to have access to all the current and any new material added.

I’ll continue to build on the content that is available in the course, however currently there is over 75 individual lessons, study guides, links to additional material and more. This material should give you the best chance of passing the MS-101 certification course. Of course, you could just take the course to improve your knowledge of Microsoft 365 if you wanted, but why not also go for the certification if you are going to invest the learning time?

As I said, I will continue to add more content to the course over time and I hope that the early adopters will provide feedback on what extra needs to be added to make the course even better.

remember, if you want the 50% discount, you’ll need to hurry!

CIAOPS MS-100 online Certification training


I have just opened up the next round of the CIAOPS MS-100 online certification training.

The cost of the course is:

Patron Level AU$ Price inc GST
Gold Enterprise Free
Gold $33
Silver $99
Bronze $176
Non patron $399

The course will include:

The course will run over 4 weeks commencing on Monday the 12 of August and finish on Sunday the 15th of September.

The aim of this course is help you prepare to pass the MS-100 certification and should not be considered as a ‘general’ training course on Microsoft 365. I will ask you to commit to sitting the exam prior to the 1st of October 2019. If you pass the exam prior to this date you will be eligible for some special offers, however if you wish to take longer than that you can complete the exam at your leisure but with no additional benefits.

If you wish to be part of this program email me ( asap so I can reserve you place. Enrolment closes on Friday the 9th of August at 5pm.

You may want to read my thoughts on why I believe certification is becoming increasingly important with the cloud:

The benefits of certification

I hope you’ll sign up to become certified in Microsoft 365.

CIAOPS AZ-103 Online training course


From the 1st of May 2019 Microsoft is retiring both the Azure AZ-100 and AZ-101 certification exams and replacing them with a single integrated exam AZ-103. You can find out more about this exam here:

I think that this Azure administration certification exam is something that all IT pros working with, or looking to work with Azure should complete. I have written about the benefits of certification here:

Benefits of certification

With this in mind I have now created an AZ-103 online certification preparation course you can take. It is designed to give you the knowledge to pass the AZ-103 exam, typically in a 30 – 45 day period. Note, this online course doesn’t TEACH you Azure from scratch. It helps fill in the gaps in your experience to ensure you are prepared for the exam and therefore stand the best chance of passing. It by no means guarantees you’ll pass, but I feel it does give the best preparation.

The course contains around 100 individual lessons including video tutorials and downloadable material.

You can sign up for the course here:

Watch out for more Microsoft certification preparation online courses coming to soon.

Need to Know podcast–Episode 203

We catch you up with everything in the Microsoft Cloud and then spend some time talking about the new certifications that have just become available from Microsoft for both Microsoft 365 and Azure. I share some of my experiences and thought around doing these exams and their value to all IT Professionals going forward. We’ll be covering more about certifications down the track but this one should get you thinking about which one you should do!

Take a listen and let us know what you think –

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