Azure Public DNS costs

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Using Azure DNS with Office 365

and in my experience it works really, really well. What I like about it is mainly the fact that I can implement and manage the whole thing via PowerShell. I run up a lot of demo environments and have an automated script that adds a custom domain to Office 365 and then adds the required DNS records to Azure. All that happens at the touch of a button, consistently. Brilliant stuff.

However, Azure DNS is a paid service, it isn’t free. So what does it cost? Well, the place to start is the Azure pricing calculator where we see:


that the total estimated cost for 1 DNS zone with 1 million queries is AU$1.24 and I will note , also includes support!

So how does such an estimate translate into the real world? Well, I host a number of domains in Azure DNS but the most active one would be The DNS records for this very blog are there.


So the next really cool thing that Azure gives you is the ability to drill down into your services, like Azure DNS, and produce information like what you see above, which is the total queries against the domain in Azure DNS. The amount for the last 30 days was 204,210 requests, well below the initial one million estimate. Clearly that amount will vary for different domains based on popularity, but remember that not every DNS request for your domain will hit the root DNS servers for the domain, especially if the records don’t change that much.


So I then used Azure to show me the actual cost for this previous 30 day period and you can see that the grand total was AU$0.37.

Sure Azure DNS is not free, but it might as well be! So, if you are looking to get started with Azure, I’d suggest that you start with Azure DNS as being the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to dip your toe in. That will provide you some familiarity and from there you can start scaling up.

CIAOPS Techwerks whiteboard training–Brisbane 21 Brisbane


I’ll be hosting an all day focused, hands on, technical whiteboard training session on Microsoft Cloud technologies (Office 365, Microsoft 365, Azure, etc) in Brisbane on Thursday February the 21st 2019. The course is limited to 15 people and there are still a few places available if you wish to attend.

The content of these events is driven by the attendees. That means we cover exactly what people want to see and focus on doing hands on, real world scenarios. Attendees can vote on topics they’d like to see covered prior to the day and we continue to target exactly what the small group of attendees wants to see. Thus, this is an excellent way to get really deep into the technology and have all the questions you’ve been dying to know answered. Typically, the event produces a number of best practice take aways for each attendee. So far, the greatest votes are for deeper dives into Intune, security and PowerShell configuration and scripts, however that isn’t finalised until the day.

The CIAOPS Techwerks events are run regularly in major Australian capital cities, so if you can’t make this one or you aren’t in Brisbane on that date, stay tuned for more details and announcements soon. If you are interested in signing up please contact me via emails ( and I can let you know all the details as well as answer any questions you may have about the event.

I hope to see you there.

Need to Know podcast–Episode 201

We’ve recovered from our 200th episode and are getting back into the swing of our regular programming with some updates, information and opinions from the Microsoft Cloud. We cover some recent important updates, especially in the area of security, as well as some news around Microsoft 365 and Azure. We also dip our toes quickly into the area of certifications but we’ll need more time to do justice to the topic. So stay tuned for that episode coming real soon. For now, sit back and enjoy as we get back to what we like doing – keeping you up to date with everything that’s happening in the Microsoft Cloud.

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