CIAOPS AZ-900 Exam prep course now available


I am happy to announce I have completed another online Microsoft exam prep training. This time it is for the Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam. This exam is an excellent starting point if you are looking to get into Azure. It is quite broad but it is important to remember that it is focused on ensuring you have a basic understanding of most of the Azure services. That means, you need to know what they are and what they do NOT how to configure them individually.

I am a big believer in industry certifications as I have details previously here:

The benefits of certification

It is important to have Azure in your tool bag these days because new services like Windows Virtual Desktop are built on a variety of Azure services. To do anything with Windows Virtual Desktop, you are going to need to have Azure knowledge and this AZ-900 is a great starting point on that journey.

You can sign up for this new course here:

and look out for more courses coming soon from the CIAOPS.

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