Enabling Play my emails on iOS

Play your emails on iOS has been with us for a while now. My experience is however that most documentation doesn’t tell you how to actually enable this if it is not already on.

To do so, ensure you have a Bluetooth connection to your iOS device. That could be a wireless headset or in your car.


Click the icon in the very top right of you Outlook app once it is open as shown above.


That should display the ‘back stage’ as shown above. Select the Play button on the left hand side towards the bottom as shown.


If the setting is Off then switch it On.


You can now make any adjustments to your configuration.


If you return to ‘back stage’ of the app and press the same Play button Cortana will appear and you’ll be able to have your emails read to you.


You can get back to the Play My Email configuration at anytime now via the app settings as shown above.

For more details on Play My Email in Outlook see:

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