New Exchange Policy Configuration analyzer


If you have a look in your Threat Management policies in Security and Compliance you’ll see a new tile called Configuration Analyzer as shown above. The direct URL is:


When you select this tile you’ll see a screen like that shown above which compares your current policy settings to Microsoft best practices.


If you expand any of the headings you’ll the settings in question and what the recommendation is on the right. You’ll also see a link that allows you to easily Adopt this setting.


If you do select the Adopt link, you’ll be presented with the above warning asking you whether you wish to proceed and Confirm or Cancel the change.


You will also see a Configuration drift analysis and history option as shown above. This allows you to compare changes in configuration over time and their effect. Basically, whether changes made improve email security or not.

If you want to learn more about Microsoft’s best practice configurations I suggest you take a look at my previous article:

New templated email policies

I see this as a further step towards what I spoke about here:

The changing security environment wit Microsoft 365

and how Ai will soon do all this automatically.

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