Need to Know Podcast–Episode 138

We once again dive straight into our focus on Microsoft Ignite Australia speakers. This time it’s with Hamish Watson Operations Manager from Jade Software in Christchurch New Zealand. His topic is:

​Making DevOps work in the wild..

​You may have heard about DevOps and wondered whether it is just another buzzword and/or what it can do for you and your organization. In this session I will demystify the concepts of DevOps and more importantly show it in action in a real life application deployment pipeline. By using a realistic live demonstration and great technologies such as the Azure platform, Team Foundation Server, SSDT and docker on Windows Server 2016 I will show how DevOps can help you automate deploys reliably and repeatedly to your production applications. You will be able to take what you learned in this session and implement it successfully in your organization.

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