Need to Know Podcast–Episode 137

Another special Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017 podcast focused on the presenters. This time we are talking with Michael Friedrick about his upcoming sessions:

Jenkins and Azure

See why Jenkins is a great pipeline tool and how you can use it increase the quality and speed of you deployments to Azure. Experience demos on multi-branch pipeline deployment from GitHub to Azure using Jenkins, and see how it integrates with tooling like Microsoft Teams for notifications.


Node.js + Azure App Service = 🙂

Explore how open and flexible the Azure App Service is and how easy it is to get going with Node. In a series of demos, you’ll see how automated deployments using Github, custom deployments showing the ability to add additional tasks using Grunt/Gulp and other automated tools, and look at multi branch deployment using a custom CI/CD pipeline. We will also explore Azure Functions, Azure App Service on Linux and deploying Node to Azure using Open tooling such as VS Code.

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DevOps fundamentals video

Micheal’s Blog

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