Adding multiple mailbox to a SharePoint eDiscovery centre

One of the great ‘enterprise’ features you receive with the higher end Office 365 plans is eDiscovery. This basically allows you to trawl through all the information you have in Office 365 looking for matches to your query.

One of the options available is to create an eDiscovery centre in SharePoint Online which I covered in a previous blog post here:

SharePoint Online eDiscovery

It is important not to overlook the fact that the SharePoint Online eDiscovery centre can be used across SharePoint Online and Exchange Online.


So if you create a new eDiscovery Set, you then need to define the Sources that the set will work across (i.e. search through). You do this by selecting the Add & Manage Sources hyperlink.


You’ll then see this take you to a dialog where you can select the individual mailboxes you wish to search along with any SharePoint locations.

But what happens if you want to search across multiple mailboxes? Do you have to enter them in individually?


In this case, because there are already email distribution groups established we can use these to select a group of users.

Here there is an existing email distribution group called Sales Team.


If you therefore enter the distribution email group into a mailbox location and select the Check Name icon to the right, you should see a green tick appear to the left indicating that it is valid.


When you save this source you should then see that all the mailboxes of the email distribution group have been added as Sources for eDiscovery.

Thus, if you want to include every email inbox simply create or use an email distribution group in Office 365 that includes all mailboxes.

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