Office 365 themes

As the classic Month Python film says:

“We’re all individuals”

and now Office 365 allows you to express this individuality in a number of ways.


Firstly as an Office 365 administrator login to the Office 365 web portal. Then in the top right select your company name.


Then select Custom theming from the menu on the left.

Now on the right you will see the options you can change.


You’ll see you get a fair amount of granular control.


You should also see that you can add a logo in the top left.


If a user now logs in they see that them, however they can change that if they want.


To do this they select the COG in the upper right and then Office 365 Settings from the menu that appears.


If they then select Theme from the menu choices on the left they will be presented with a number of pre-defined themes.

Simple select one to apply.


They will see that new theme replace the default one set by the administrator previously (don’t forget to press the Save button at the bottom of the page). This theme only applies for this user.

You can read more details about these theme updates and changes in this blog post:

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