Intune Data Collection Policy Error 0x87d1fde8

State = error

State Details = -2016281112 (Remediation failed)


It all started when I was checking my Intune Configuration policies and I found that all of a sudden I have a new policy called Intune data collection policy as shown above, that I didn’t created. Worse, it had errors!


When I looked at a specific device that was affected, as shown above, I could see two errors on the device. One was from a user designated as System account, which was also somewhat puzzling.


Digging further I found that the State was Error and the State details were -2016281112 (Remediation failed) as you can see above.


At the most granular level, I found the Error code was 0x87d1fde8 as shown above.


It turns out that the Intune data collection policy gets created when you use Endpoint Analytics as shown above.


This gives you some really nice reports as shown above on your Windows devices. You can read more about it here:

What is Endpoint Analytics?

I had now solved where the mystery Intune data collection policy came from and after much research it turns out that the device errors are because of licensing as you can read here:

Licensing Prerequisites

which says:

Endpoint analytics is included in the following plans:

Proactive remediations also require one of the following licenses for the managed devices:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3 or E5 (included in Microsoft 365 F3, E3, or E5)

  • Windows 10 Education A3 or A5 (included in Microsoft 365 A3 or A5)

  • Windows Virtual Desktop Access E3 or E5

The error I was seeing was due to those machines only being Windows 10 Pro, NOT Win 10 Enterprise! Endpoint Analytics currently only works with Windows 10 Enterprise licensed devices.

Once I had changed the Intune data collection policy to exclude the Windows 10 Pro machines the errors went away, as did the duplicate System account as well.

Hopefully, Microsoft will consider extending Endpoint Analytics to Windows 10 Pro machines as well, but for now you’ll need to exclude them from any Intune data collection policy if you don’t want errors in Endpoint Manager.

11 thoughts on “Intune Data Collection Policy Error 0x87d1fde8

      1. How did you filter out the Windows 10 Pro devices?
        Via dynamic membership group? I cannot seem to get that last one working via “(device.deviceOSType -contains “Pro”)”


  1. Is it me or is there some confusion here, or maybe the page linked has been updated since. From what I read on it Endpoint Analytics works on Windows 10 Pro as long as there is a MEM license. It’s Proactive remediations that only work on Windows Enterprise, Education or VDA.

    Am I reading this wrong?


    1. My understanding, at this point in time, is that it is only Win 10 Ent licenses not Pro. However, I believe MS is looking to change that but for now it is Ent only. Again, as far as I am aware.


  2. I have around 70 devices with error state under this policy, Splitting the groups for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise system seems little complicated for me. manually creating the groups and filtering out all Pro systems and remove from Intune data collection policy and add it to the new group created. Is there any other way to split all windows pro systems and add it to the new group.


  3. Useful article – I knew it must be an enterprise licencing thing! Out of the box, all devices are Pro, so if this policy get applied prior to any InTune OS Edition upgrade policies, we seem to see this error.
    Usefully, Microsoft now include Applicability Rules for policies. You can set an Applicability Rule to assign profile if’ OS Edition equals Win10/11 Enterprise. Meaning this policy will not apply unless a supported OS edition is detected.


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