SharePoint Online space de-allocation

In a previous post I outlined how you can allocate more space to SharePoint Online for M and E. The next question people have is can you remove space from a SharePoint site? The short answer is yes, provided the existing SharePoint site hasn’t started using that space already.

The first step in the process to check how much space the SharePoint you wish to remove space from is actually using. To this go to the SharePoint Online administration screen like so:


Click on the SharePoint site in question.


The site collection properties dialog should appear as shown above. In there will be listed Storage Usage as well as Storage Quota.

Thus, the maximum amount of space that can be de-allocated is:

Storage Quota – Storage Usage

In this case that is:

2,000MB – 2MB = 1,998 MB

Press the Close button exit this dialog.


Select the site to de-allocate by placing a check in the selection box to the left of the site. From the Ribbon Menu select the Storage Quota button.


Enter the decreased amount of storage in the Limit storage quota box at the the screen and press the Save button at the bottom.


You’ll see the site updating as indicated by a green spinning circle to the right of the name.


When complete you should find the storage has been decreased the amount you specified in the quota.

Remember, you can only remove the amount of FREE storage from a SharePoint site. If the storage space is in use by SharePoint you need to free the space within SharePoint BEFORE you can de-allocate space.

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