New SkyDrive Pro Client apps released

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the release of the free SkyDrive Pro app for Windows desktops. In there I noted that I didn’t believe it would be long before we saw more app released for different platforms, and happily I was right.
Microsoft has recently released the new SkyDrive Pro app for both Windows 8 and iOS.
To download on Windows 8 simply visit the Windows market place and search for SkyDrive Pro which should appear like:

The iOS version of SkyDrive Pro you’ll find here:

You’ll need a valid Office 365 account to use SkyDrive Pro and if you want some information about how use these SkyDrive Pro apps have a look at:
I’ll post some more information about these apps when I’ve had a chance to play with them. However if you are looking for information about SkyDrive Pro in general on Office 365 don’t forget my publication:
Getting Started with SkyDrive Pro for Office 365
available at my publications page or on most eBook retailers.
Again, you really have to give Microsoft some credit for the speed and consistency with which they are rolling out features for Office 365. That is why I honestly believe it is the best platform for most businesses to use.

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