SharePoint Online space allocation

One of the most common things I find people strike when they start using SharePoint Online on an M or E plan is that they run out of space. The reason for this is that under these plans you have the ability to create additional site collections with independent space allocation, which you don’t get with the Small Business (P) plans.

After getting a new M or E tenant you receive a default SharePoint Online site with the URL:

automatically configured.

Problem is that this site is automatically configured with only 1GB of space by default like so:


These days 1GB of space doesn’t go very far and many people become really puzzled when they can’t upload files.

All SharePoint Online plans comes with shared storage of 10GB of space and add 500MB per Office 365 user. For the M and E plans you’ll need to allocated space for everything but the first 1GB manually. To increase your default SharePoint Online site space allocation do the following:


Select the SharePoint site you wish to increase with the check box to the left.


Select the Storage Quota button from the Ribbon Menu.


From the dialog that appears increase the Limit storage quota at the top by entering a greater value of storage and then press the Save button.


You’ll then see a little green circle spinning next to the site you just increased. This means that changes are taking place.


In a short period of time the green circle will disappear and your site will have more space.

You can continue to add space up to the limit that is available for your tenant.


You’ll find that limit listed in the top right under the Ribbon Menu as MB available as shown in the above screen shot.

Yes, you can also decrease the amount of storage a site is allocated under the M and E, however that will be the subject of another post.

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