SharePoint Foundation 2013 setups

The previous blog post I did on setting up SharePoint Foundation 2013 I will admit to cheating a little. There is did the installation completely on a single windows 2012 Server that I had converted to a Domain Controller (DC).


Now, technically that isn’t supported, so here are some other ways you can attempt to install it.


If you simply try and install it on a stand alone server that is not part of a domain you’ll see




If you select stand alone and follow it through you’ll end up with the following error during the configuration wizard:




which is the same sort of error I received when testing the beta.


If you instead try and do a complete install you end up at:




So as:


notes, SharePoint 2013 is NOT supported unless it is on a domain connected server, only then will you see:




and the ultimate end results you are after




When you use the GUI installation method.

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