Show ASR settings for device with PowerShell


I have just released a new script in my GitHub repository that will report on the local device Attack Surface Reduction settings (ASR) as shown above. You’ll find it here:

There no pre-requisites. Just run it on your Windows 10 devices to report.

If you are looking to change the ASR settings for your environment, I suggest you have a read of my previous article:

Attack surface reduction for Windows 10

I’d strongly encourage you to enable ASR across your Windows 10 fleet to reduce risks of attack.

One thought on “Show ASR settings for device with PowerShell

  1. This is great. I was testing 2 policies and had my main policy with all the rules enabled as i wanted and then a second policy that just had vulnerable signed drivers rule in Audit mode. However with this script i discovered that by creating a new rule it had disabled all the rules in the main policy…. it seems that having 2 policies don’t sit well together.


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