Current Windows Defender configuration using PowerShell


I’ve uploaded a new script:


to my Github repository.

What this script will do is report back on Windows Defender versions and settings on a Windows 10 device as shown above.

The interesting thing is that to find the latest version of the released signatures from Microsoft I need to scrape the details from the page:

which turns out to be somewhat imperfect because many times my local signature is more current than what is reported on the Microsoft page. Even more interesting is that it doesn’t appear that Microsoft has an API that will report these details! I find that really strange, as one would think it something simple to provide and a common request. Seems not, as I can’t find one anywhere and have to resort to this unreliable scraping method. If you know of a better way to get the latest version and signature information via PowerShell, I’d love to hear.

The idea with the script is that you can run it on your Windows 10 devices to check that everything is update to date and configured correctly. I’ll keep improving it over time, so feel free to let me know any suggestion you may have on how to improve it.

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