New CIAOPS SharePoint book–preorder offer

I am just about set to publish my latest SharePoint title –


SharePoint Client Side


This book covers all of the desktop applications that can be interfaced to SharePoint 2010. It shows you how to use common Office applications like Word, Excel, OneNote and Outlook with SharePoint Document Libraries and lists. It shows you how Office Web Apps functions as well as more advanced applications such as Access, Visio and SharePoint Workspace. It also provides a brief introduction to the power of applications like InfoPath and SharePoint Designer.


In essences it demonstrates that the real power of SharePoint is how it can be integrated with the applications user every day. If you want to get more out of SharePoint than what you are getting now then this book will show you how by providing extensive information and tutorials on how to use, Windows Explorer, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, SharePoint Workspace, Project, Visio, InfoPath and SharePoint Designer with SharePoint 2010.


If you use SharePoint you need this book to give you the complete picture of what is possible with SharePoint on the desktop.


I expect to have the book ‘e-published’ by this time next week and until then I am going to make the following pre-release offer:


– 50% discount off the price of the finished product (i.e. $4.38 vs $ 8.76 RRP)

– all 3 ‘e-versions’ of the finished work (ePUB, Kindle and PDF)




– full payment of $4.38 receive prior to the ‘publishing’ of the final product most likely next week.


To take advantage of the offer please contact me ( to arrange payment.


If you are already a CIAOPS SharePoint and Office 365 Guide subscriber you’ll receive a copy of the title once it becomes available as part of your subscription.


Do wait to too long to take advantage of this offer.

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