Less site options in Foundation 2013

Been poking around SharePoint Foundation 2013 and noticed the following reduction in site template options.


Here’s the site template options when you go to create a new sub site:


Collaboration tab


SharePoint 2010 Foundation




SharePoint 2013 Foundation




i.e. the following templates are no longer available:


– blank site

– document workspace

– group work site


There is no longer a meeting tab as there is in SharePoint 2010




There is now an Enterprise tab that contains:




So the following site templates are no longer available by default in SharePoint 2013 Foundation:


– Blank site

– Document Workspace

– Group Work Site

– Basic Meeting Workspace

– Blank Meeting Workspace

– Decision Meeting Workspace

– Social Meeting Workspace

– Multipage Meeting Workspace


The following have been added:


– Basic Search Center


The reason? My guess is that most people never used the site templates that have been removed and the thinking is that if people want to get them then they will probably be available via the new Office Marketplace that is part of SharePoint 2013.


However, the more I look at Foundation 2013 the more I am convinced that it is far more basic that Foundation 2010 was. Maybe the addition of the Office Marketplace in the 2013 products is where additions to the product will appear? I’ll be interested to see whether they do.

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