Power Platform PAYG configuration

I have spoken about how to

Set up PAYG for Power Platform

I was therefore puzzled when I saw this error in a Flow I created with premium connectors recently

Screenshot 2022-10-11 105235

“… does not have a standard service plan adequate for non-Standard connection”

It was my understanding that Power Platform PAYG would handle this. However, when you read the following documentation it says:

Only production or sandbox environments are available to add to billing policies at this time. Trial environments, developer environments, Dataverse for Teams environments, and default environments cannot be added.

Ok, that means I need to create a new Power Platform Environment and add that to the Power Platform PAYG billing policy.


So into the Power Platform Admin center I went. Selecting Billing policies from the Policies option on the left. The direct URL is:


I then selected the PAYG billing policy I had previously created and then I selected Edit billing policy at the top of the page.


Sure enough, in the Environments section (shown above) I had nothing in there, so no billing was actually happening against the PAYG policy.


If I now create a New environment in the Power Platform you can see down the bottom there the option to use Pay-as-you-go with Azure. Here you can select an existing PAYG policy as well as create a new one if desired.

With a new environment created, I exported and imported the Flow I had created previously in the default environment into this new environment with PAYG billing now enabled


and it ran successfully! Yeah!

So the moral of the story with the Power Platform pay as you go option is that it will not work against the default environment, you need to create a new environment and specify the PAYG option at the point of creation.


It is also possible to remove the environment you added to the PAYG policy at any point by editing the policy and selecting Remove from policy as shown above at the Environments stage after selecting the environment in the Added to policy menu option.

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