Power Automate PAYG costs

Recently, I detailed how to enable the Power Platform PAYG billing:

Power Platform PAYG configuration

I now see the following in my environment that has Flows with premium connectors:


which basically says:

You can use premium capabilities in this environment. It’s covered by your org’s pay-as-you-go Azure subscription.

The reason I enabled this was because I wanted access to use Premium connectors without having to pay for a higher fixed monthly license cost.

I have the following Flow in this environment that uses two premium connectors:


– Azure Key Vault





If I now look at the recent Flow runs I see six in total 1 in November and 5 in October.


Now looking at the Azure costs by service for November I see:


and for October:


Therefore, with 5 runs in October my average cost was $3.70 / 5 = $ 0.74 while in November, with only 1 run so far it was $0.92.

Assuming the highest run cost of $0.92 and with the execution of 4 premium connectors in the Flow (3 x Azure Key Vault and 1 x HTTP) that comes to a cost of $0.23 per premium connector.

The big benefit of the Power Platform PAYG option is that it allows quick and easy access to Premium connectors without the need to purchase a higher Power Platform license at a fixed rate per month regardless of usage. This means the PAYG option is great for testing prior to committing to a higher fixed value license or occasional use of Premium connectors. This should be really appealing to many who may only need to use a Flow with Premium connectors a few times in a month. When the PAYG billing approaches the full license cost you can always switch over.

In summary then, from what I can determine, you should allow around $0.25 per Premium connector per Flow run when calculating your PAYG costs with the Power Platform.

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