We shall remember them

Today marks the anniversary of the cessation of hostilities in the First World War. It was a multi year bloodbath that killed millions, many in the most terrible of ways. Many of whom have no known grave.

Today we pause to remember all those whose lives have been affected by war. Any war.

Today, many people are still experiencing war and many live with the threat of imminent war. For them we hope that horrors of the past remain in the past. Unfortunately, all too often, history repeats and brings death and destruction to their door step through no fault of their own. Let us hope that todays brief remembrance reminds everyone of the immense and continuing impact war has and why it should be prevented at all costs, not with empty promises and gestures, but real action.  

Times may change but the impact of war hasn’t. This seems to be a lesson we fail tor learn.

In times like these we celebrate and remember the human spirit of the those that sacrificed for others. Those that put the needs of others ahead of their own, and for those that put their lives on the line to save others from harm. These are the special people, who come from all walks of life but had the single purpose of service to a greater good. They are special and worthy of our utmost respect.

War is a human construct. born of the worst aspects of the human condition. It is however also something that we can just as easily could and should prevent. As those that went before, we can prevent these horrors by thinking of others before ourselves and working for the common rather than individual good.

Every day is a blessing and life is far too short. For those that we remember today, it was cut short for reasons that fad with the passing years. Let the memory of the reasons fad but never those who have paid the ultimate price.

Lest We Forget.

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