Enabling legacy navigation in modern OneNote app

There are a couple of current versions of OneNote at the moment. Being a traditional OneNote user, I’m pretty wedded to my desktop version of OneNote 2016. However, I am moving more and more to the modern version of OneNote that typically looks like:


If you prefer the traditional way of viewing notebooks and tabs but you like the modern OneNote then try the following in the modern OneNote app.


Select the ellipse (three dots) in the top right of the app and then Settings from the menu that appears as shown above.


From the menu that appears, select Options.


Locate the Legacy navigation panes from under the Navigation heading and set this option to On as shown. You’ll most likely then need to restart the OneNote application.


After doing so, you’ll see the ‘traditional’ navigation as shown above.

4 thoughts on “Enabling legacy navigation in modern OneNote app

  1. Hello,

    we can i back to this option?
    i have Enabling legacy navigation and now i have no 3 Points on the corner zu disable.

    greetings Mirko


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