Enabling the Office 365 Adoption Power BI Content Pack

I’m a big one for driving Office 365 adoption through the complete suit of applications. I have spoken previously about developing adoption strategies:

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Rule of three

A very important part of any strategy is being able to measure the results of your adoption tactics. Microsoft has just made that measurement a whole lot easier with the release of the Power BI Adoption content pack for Office 365. Here’s how you enable it for your tenant.


You’ll need to login to the Office 365 Admin center and locate the Service settings. The easiest way to do this is to use the Search functionality.


You’ll then need to locate the Reports section as highlighted above.


In here turn on the option to Make data available to Office 365 Adoption content pack for Power BI.

This initiates the data collection. This may take between 2 and 48 hours depending on the size of the tenant.


When the data collection has initialised you will find an additional tile in your Admin reporting area as shown above. The tile will contain your Tenant ID which you’ll need to record for the next stage.


Next navigate to Power BI and select the Get Data option in the lower left of the screen.


At the Get Data screen select Services.


Locate the Office 365 Adoption Preview as shown above and select it.


At the next screen, select the Get It Now button on the left.


You’ll now need to enter the Tennant Id you recorded above. The other ways you can get your Office 365 Tennant Id are covered here:


Choose oAuth2 as authentication method

You’ll then need to Sign in.


In a moment or two you should then be able to access the adoption dashboard as shown above. Now you have all the functionality of Power BI at your finger tips, directly linked to Office 365 usage data. This makes measuring Office 365 adoption much easier.

The Office 365 content pack is still in preview at this point in time but will update going forward.

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