Office 365 and Azure codex available to patrons


The majority of my learnings end up in OneNote. As you would expect I have OneNote notebooks for just about everything including Office 365 and Azure.

Having them in OneNote means they are searchable, available on every device and I can quickly add information no matter where I am. To my mind, they are pretty much the perfect as a portable personal knowledge base.

I have now taken all my accumulated Azure and Office 365 knowledge and made them available as continually sync’ed OneNote notebooks for CIAOPS Patrons. That’s right, all you need to do to gain access to this material is sign up to be a CIAOPS Patrons for which you’ll get access to both the Office 365 and Azure notebooks (plus I few more I’m planning on releasing) as well as access to my private Facebook community to discuss everything Microsoft cloud as well as a range of discounts (starting at 25%) to my online courses and publications.

The great thing about these OneNote notebooks is that they are dynamic, in that I’ll continue to add information to them over time, posting all the stuff I’m already posted into the Facebook group, but organising it for people to locate quicker when they need to. Best of all, as long as you stay a CIAOPS Patron you’ll get access to this included for as little as US$10 per month. That’s a pretty small price to pay for the notebooks let alone everything else that comes along with being a CIAOPS Patron.

Become a CIAOPS Patron today and enjoy the benefits! You can sign up to be a CIAOPS Patron here:

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