Another channel already has that name


Another item to watch out for currently with Microsoft Teams is when you delete a channel and try and re-create it again with the same name. When you attempt this you get the error above.


That seems to be the case even if you delete the channel prior, as shown above.

A search reveals that a few people have experienced this and the reason seems to be basically that the deleted channel remains ‘somewhere’ in Office 365 for compliance reasons.

A link to a discussion on this can be found at:

There is also a Uservoice item that you can go and vote up to get this changed.

It does say in there that Microsoft are planning to fix this issue but no other word as yet to when. The best solution is probably allow you to create a new channel with the same name but prompt to warn you that you are overwriting compliance information and then give you the option to continue with the overwrite or not.

So, be careful when you delete a Microsoft Team’s channel as you can’t simply recreate it with the same name. A better option would appear to be to edit the Team and change what’s there.

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