Need to Know Podcast–Episode 106

In this episode we talk with Stephane Budo from Vigilant IT all about Azure stack and how Microsoft is bringing what it has learned from running the public cloud and making that available to people who want to run their own private cloud. Azure stack provides a consistent way of managing datacentre resources no matter where they may be. Allowing management via a single consistent interface provides a lot of benefits as Stephane explains.

Of course you’ll get the latest Azure and Office 365 news from Marc and myself as well as plenty of opinions as to what’s happening with Microsoft and the Cloud. We appreciate you taking the time to listen and look forward to your feedback.

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Stephane Budo from Vigilant.IT,  +61 2 8925 1800,

Marc Kean – @marckean

Robert Crane – @directorcia

Microsoft buys Linkedin

Azure updates from Marc Kean

Hybrid architecture for IT Pros

Office 365 Planner is generally available

GigJam preview now available to all

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