Windows 10 Upgrade finished on July 29 2016

Microsoft has confirmed that its free upgrade offer to Windows 10 will definitely end on July 29th 2016. After that you’ll need to pay to get the latest version of Windows or buy a new machine with Windows 10 installed.

My own experience with Windows 10 upgrades have been very, very positive. All my own personal machines upgraded without issue as well as all my family’s. Personally, I’ve really liked the upgrade to Windows 10, the new features, look and feel, etc but what really surprised me was how will the rest of my family also liked it. Many of these aren’t into computers but they remarked how much they liked it unsolicited. Wow, I never heard that about previous Windows upgrades I have done for them.

Even though I don’t sell hardware or PC upgrade services any more I have also found that the response to Windows 10 with business customers has also been very, very positive. People really want to upgrade to it and it has a real improvement to their productivity. I think they’ll see even more benefit when they get hardware that allows the Windows Hello feature to automatically log them into their devices once it recognises them.

Another big leap that Windows 10 has taken is the ability to join Azure AD. Although not quite as powerful as local AD at this point in time, I can see a day in the very near future where it will be but thanks to Azure AD you’ll no longer have to be tethered to your local network to be secure and access all your programs and data. When you then add on features in Azure AD Premium you begin to see what a mobile first, cloud first world is all about.

So, if you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 10 then I suggest you hurry up and do so before July 29 because you’ll get it for free.

What’s been you experience? I’d love to hear.

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