Skype Meeting Broadcast

One of the great new features of Skype for Business is the Meeting Broadcast ability. This allows you to not only broadcast a live event to thousands of users simultaneously but also to potentially save the broadcast so it can be replayed on demand.

This post will take you through the basics of setting up a Skype for Business Broadcast Meeting, while follow up posts will walk you through the administration and user experiences while the meeting is running.


To set up a Skype for Business Meeting Broadcast you’ll need to navigate to the web site:

and you should see the above screen. You’ll need to login with your Office 365 credentials.


You should then be greeted with the above screen that would show any existing Broadcast Meetings that you have configured.


Select the New Meeting option at the top of the page as shown above.


At the top of the page that appears complete the basic meeting details such as name, time and date. You can also add existing Office 365 users as members of the event. These people will be able to login as administrators and control the meeting.


Further down the page you can select which attendees the meeting will be broadcast to. The available options include:

Anonymous: Anyone with the join link can attend, even if they are external to your company.

Secure: Only those users who have been invited by the broadcast service can attend. When you select this option, you’ll get an Attendees field where you can enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite. To invite a group, enter the group alias, such as
Attendee section of meeting invitation with names in the Attendee field

All Company: Anyone from your company can attend by clicking the join link. They’ll use their company user name and password to attend.

In this case the Anonymous option will be selected.

At the bottom of the page you will also see that you have the option to record the meeting. You need to select this option if you wish to have an on demand recording of the meeting created and available.


You should now be able to select the Create button in the top right of window to save and schedule this meeting. If you have any issues saving the meeting see the following article:

Enable your organisation for Skype Meeting Broadcast


You should now be returned to the main screen where you should see the meeting you just scheduled as shown above.

Select the meeting to perform further configuration.


You should now see all the meeting details as shown above.


Select the Customize option in the top right of the window.


In the middle of this page you will see the option to add two audience participation apps. The apps currently available are Yammer and Bing Pulse.


Simply select the link to configure the participation app and the following dialog will appear allowing you to configure the app.

A future post will cover in more detail how to set these up.

When you have finished making configuration changes here, select the Done option in the top right of the window.


You are now returned to the meeting page where you can select to Show the join link as shown above.


If you cut and paste this link into a browser you will see the above options allowing you to Join the event anonymously or as a team member.


If you select the Join the event, you will be greeted with the above window telling you the meeting has not yet started. If the meeting had commenced you would see the live stream. If the meeting has completed you would see an on demand replay of the meeting.

More details about the actual meeting process and experience will be covered in upcoming posts.

That covers the basic steps of setting up a Skype Meeting Broadcast. Look out for further posts on how to run and attend these meetings.


Schedule a Skype Meeting Broadcast

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