Beyond the Basics With SharePoint Online


I am happy to announce that my new publication “Beyond the Basics with SharePoint Online” is now available.

This book is designed to help you take your knowledge to the next level with SharePoint Online. Once you have mastered the basics it is time to put document approvals, contents types, columns and more to work for you. This book will show you how to do all this plus more. It even covers how to get started using InfoPath and SharePoint Designer to really start customising your environment. SharePoint is an extremely powerful tool for solving business problems so knowing how to use it effectively is going to help you solve these problems faster. If you want the knowledge to do just that and you have already mastered the basics of SharePoint Online, then this is book for you.

This book contains over 250 pages of detailed information and screen shots of every stage of configuring SharePoint Online.

The book is available in a number of different formats and sources including:

PDF version

Via Amazon

Some of the topics it includes are:

– SharePoint structure overview

– Introduction to Email Alerts

– Introduction to Document Approvals

– Changing the Site Title, Logo and URL

– Document Check In/Out

– Connecting SharePoint to Access

– Content types

– Creating Subsites

– Introduction to Lookup Columns

– Advanced List Editing

– Working with Document Library Versioning

– Introduction to Views

– Using Promoted Links

– Create a Document Library Template

– Using a template to migrate a Document Library

– Creating and Using Site Columns

– Creating and Editing Site pages

– Adding a Yammer feed

– Displaying Linked Lists

– Getting Started with InfoPath

– Saving a Site as a Template

– Creating a new Site Collection

– Using a Template with a new Site Collection

– Deleting a Site Collection

– Getting Started with SharePoint Designer

By purchasing this title you’ll help support me and the work that I make available for free.

Now onto the next title!

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