Changing an Azure VM admin password from portal

Sometimes when I’m rushing around in Azure creating new virtual machines (VMs) I sometimes neglect to document the user name and password I use for that newly created VM. Thus, when I try and log in I can’t.


Before that meant that I had to delete and re-create the VM which was pretty painful. However, as you can see from the above screen grab, the new Azure portal allows you to drill into the properties of the VM and then select the All settings option in the middle of the page


This will open the Settings blade as shown above. One of the options in the support + troubleshooting section at the top of the blade is Reset password.


Selecting this will open the Password reset blade as shown above. Now you can enter a new administrator login and password for the VM so you gain access.

This reset password option is only available in the new Azure portal.

Now, if you forget the login to the Azure VM you can simply reset it rather than having to rebuild the whole VM. Handy eh?

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