Conferencing on a budget

Thanks to Office 365 and the Logitech Conference Cam Connect the tools to do basic conferencing have never been cheaper and easier.

As you can see from the above image the Logitech Conference Cam Connect comes in a really neat form factor that includes the ability to broadcast video, sound as well as project to an external HDMI source. The unit is portable and includes a battery as well as being Bluetooth enabled.

The easiest way to use the Logitech Conference Cam Connect is to connect it via USB to a PC and use it with Skype for Business. In small conference room environments it works really, really well. You can also connect it to your mobile device using Bluetooth and mirror what is on the screen and then output that to a HDMI TV connected to the device.

You get all this for around $700 which is really great value I reckon. However, please remember that this i an entry level device. It can’t for example (unfortunately) run via USB and project to an external HDMI screen at the same time. To do that you’ll need to spend more money on dedicated conferencing hardware.

Those minor limitations aside, the combination of this device and Skype for Business via Office 365 provide a hugely price effective entry level conferencing option for many businesses who could never afford the option previously. I really like the fact that it is portable and runs on batteries so you can put it just about anywhere. I have been taking it with me recently and using Skype Meeting Broadcast to live stream a number of events I have been presenting recently. I also like the ability to easily ‘cast’ from most mobile devices to a HDMI monitor using it.

If you have been considering the benefits of conferencing and have Office 365, I’d look at adding the Logitech Conference Cam Connect as a low entry point to giving your business extra flexibility for meetings. Sure, your needs may grow over time but this little device will work well now and well into the future.

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