Getting Started With Skype For Business Online–PDF version


I am pleased to announced that the PDF version of our “Getting Started With Skype For Business Online” is now available for purchase at:


This book is designed to get you up and running with Skype for Business Online fast! It takes you step by step through using everything in Skype for Business Online, showing you each item in detail, including screen shots at every stage. This book will help you use and better understand the capabilities of Skype for Business Online and the power that is can bring your business. Most importantly, it will show you how to be more productive by using the tools you already have to communicate better. If you use Office 365 but are not yet familiar with Skype for Business then this book is for you.

This book contains over 200 pages of detailed information and screen shots of every option.

The book will soon be available from Amazon, iBooks and in printed format but we don’t have exact dates on that yet. if you are wondering what topics the book contains here’s the index:

– Preface
– What is Skype for Business Online?
– What is Lync?
– What is the difference between Skype and Skype for Business?
– What does this document contain?
– How can I use Skype for Business Online?
– Installing Skype for Business on a PC
– Using the Skype for Business client
– Types of Meeting Members
– Scheduling a meeting in Outlook
– Scheduling a meeting using the Web
– Attending a meeting
– Instant Messaging
– File Transfer
– Call Monitor
– Phone
– Video
– Sharing
– Participants
– More Options
– Mobile Access
– Recordings
– Exiting a meeting
– Skype for Business Web Apps
– Conclusion
– Where to go from here
– Glossary
– Useful Links
– Useful Videos
– About

I take this opportunity to thank my co-author Greg Plum for all the effort he was invested in this book and his help in making this a reality. We hope it helps people adopt Skype for Business as a central part of their business.

Watch out for other formats coming soon.

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