SharePoint Online Team Site storage now 1TB

Today is a GOOD DAY! Microsoft have delivered on their promise to increase the default starting Team Site pooled storage from 10GB to 1TB as announced in this blog post:

Auditing, reporting and storage improvements for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

and I quote:

1 TB additional space for overall pooled SharePoint Online storage allocation

The amount of content in Office 365 is growing 300 percent year over year. To meet your needs for more storage, we’re increasing default storage to 1 TB plus 0.5 GB per user to use across SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups and Office 365 Video—up from the previous allocation of 10 GB. This is in addition to the unique default per-user OneDrive for Business storage space and individual storage provided for user email inboxes.

I can also happily report that I am seeing this increase inside my own tenant already:


It has taken quite a while to get the old 10GB limited upgraded to 1TB and that is going to make life so much easier for businesses moving to Office 365. This is because the area in which shared information for people needs to go is into Team Sites NOT OneDrive for Business as I have said many times. Now having 1TB as a starting point means most businesses won’t need to purchase additional space for their shared information. It should also place the focus back on the more powerful Teams Sites for business information and away from OneDrive for Business which is designed for individuals.

I really believe this is such an important upgrade and will remove one of the major restrictions businesses have had around moving from traditional on-premises servers to Office 365.

Happy days!

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