Working with Remote SharePoint Drop Off Libraries

A while ago I detailed how to set up SharePoint Drop Off Libraries so documents would be automatically routed within a Team Site. You’ll need to review that post:

Working with SharePoint Drop Off Libraries

because this post will show you how to route documents using Drop Off Libraries between two different Team Sites.


The most important thing you need to ensure is enabled in the source Drop Off Library location is that the option for Sending to Another Site is enabled in the Content Organizer Settings as shown above.


You’ll then need to follow the same procedure as the the initial post detailed about enabling a Drop Off Library in the destination Team Site. You’ll need to configure the appropriate rules so that any document uploaded to the destination Drop Off Library ends up in the correct location within that local Team Site.

To link the source Drop Off Library to the destination in another location, navigate to the Content Organizer Settings in the destination site. Scroll to the bottom of the page and there you’ll see a heading Submission points as shown above. Copy the URL that is shown there. that URL should end with something



You’ll then need to navigate to the SharePoint admin center and select the Records Management option from the menu on the left.

Select option New Connection, then paste the URL into the Send to URL box as shown above. Also, enter a description into the Display name field, make any other changes and save the configuration.


Now navigate to the source Drop Off Library location and create or edit a Content Organizer Rule. Complete all the details as before but for the target location, as shown above, you should be able to select a target as Another content organizer in a different site. You should then be able to select the connection display name you just created in the SharePoint Admin center. Save the rule when complete.


In this case, there are now two rules for the source Drop Off Library based on what is entered into the Title field. One rule routes to a local Picture Library in the current site (the top rule), the other routes to a Picture Library in a completely different Team Site (the second rule).


If a document is now uploaded to the source Drop Off Library and submitted with the appropriate condition (here the Title field is set to Team).


The document is corrected routed to the subsite as shown above.


Where it is the routed by the local Drop Off Library to the final destination as shown above.

So in summary, to route a document from a source Drop Off Library to a destination library in another Team Site requires configuring a connection to the destination in the SharePoint admin center, then using that connection as the destination for the Content Organizer rule.

A little bit of configuration, but once operating it provides a powerful way of automatically routing documents to the correct location ANYWHERE with SharePoint Online. That means less time is wasted by users working out where to put documents and secondly it allows routing to multiple location using rules. Thus, you could in theory have a single drop off point in SharePoint routing to various locations. Now wouldn’t that make life easier for everyone?

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