New Outlook on the web features

Microsoft recently announced some updates to Outlook on the web. You can read about all of them here:

New features coming to Outlook on the web

But I thought I’d highlight a new feature that I have found pretty handy, and it is called Sweep.


So when you visit your mail in the Office 365 portal you should find a new toolbar across the top as shown above. In there you see an option called Sweep.


To use Sweep simply select a message from your inbox and then select the Sweep option from the menu. This should display a dialog box as shown above.

In this case I select the second option, Delete all messages from the inbox folder and any future messages.

Then select the Sweep button to complete the process.


You should then receive a confirmation like shown above. if you select the View rules button.


You’ll then be shown the rule that was just created from your actions. At the bottom you’ll also see any automated Sweep rules that have been created to keep your inbox tidy between visits.

Sweep is just one of the ways the Microsoft has improved your ability to manage your emails with the updated functionality in Outlook on the web. For more details on all the new features make sure you read the blog post:

New features coming to Outlook on the web

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