Beyond the License webinar

Office 365 has many, many great features but it seems too often the case that the only thing people use is email, and just basic email at that! How is that making things more productive?

After conversations with conferencing specialist Greg Plum from PlumUC, we have decided to put on a webinar designed to show you all the really cool bits of Office 365 you can implement to turn your plain Jane Office 365 into a turbo charged rocket of business efficiency!

You can register right now at:

for the event (which is 1PM Eastern US time on the 1st of September 2015). Everyone who registers will receive a copy of the recording, so you can get a good nights’ sleep if you need to, as well as other special bonuses. There’ll also be plenty of great information and I’m please to announce a special guest. All the way from his homeland of Bainbridge Island we will be bringing you the one, the only, Mr Harry Brelsford of SMBNation to share his thoughts on all this cloud stuff and where the money is in Office 365.

This event will be content and technical heavy, presented by people who know the product, how to use the product to be more efficient and what add ons you should be incorporating to make Office 365 even better.

So don’t delay, sign up now and reserve your place as they are limited.

I hope to see you at the event.

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