Getting Started with Azure updated

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have updated both my Introduction to Azure course as well as my Office 365 bootcamp offering. You can find both of these products on my publications page at:

Because both of these products are changing so rapidly I am trying to keep them as current as possible. Once you purchase the products you will continue to be eligible for updates for the life of that product.

So what is typically updated? For the Azure course I’ve added another video plus access to my Azure OneNote notebook that is full of tutorials, information, links and more. For the Office 365 bootcamp I’ve updated the training OneNote files, the notes for the 70-347 and 70-346 certification exams.

The benefit of OneNote notebooks is that you can use them on any device. If you save them to OneDrive or SharePoint they can also automatically sync across all the devices. You can also use them offline and most importantly they are fully searchable. It is for this reason that I use these notebooks every day in my business to keep track of everything.

By purchasing these, or any of my publications, you are helping me stay in business and allow me to focus on providing more information into these products. Of course all these products are free to subscribers of my Cloud Business Blueprint community. which also provides a heap more for your investment. I encourage you to also check that out if you are keen on taking your cloud business further.

Save time, save effort and help me create the best information sources for products like Office 365 and Azure by supporting my publications. For those people that have already done so, I thank you for your support.

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