Last call out for this months free webinar


As last shout out for those interested in attending a monthly free ‘Ask Us’ webinar this Thursday the 17th of September at 12.30pm Sydney time. You can register at:

The webinar will cover some frequently asked cloud questions, provide updates from the online world and then open the floor for questions from attendees. If you have anything you want an answer to when it comes to products like Office 365 this is the place to ask.

The sessions generally include a lot of great information and real world interactive demonstrations so you can see exactly what’s going on. That we believe has real value.

Although we’d be disappointed, if you can’t attend this month then watch out for the next webinar. We run them every month.

All these webinars are recording for our Cloud Business Blueprint community members so they can watch them on demand directly from within the members forum when it suits them. However, they remain free for anyone to attend and ask any question they want when it comes to the cloud.

I hope to see you on the webinar on Thursday.

Hurry, price to rise soon

I am proud to say that the Cloud Business Blueprint community is fast approaching its second anniversary. I’d firstly like to take the opportunity to thank every existing Cloud Business Blueprint community member. Without you Cloud Business Blueprint wouldn’t be the success that it is.


Since it started out, we have kept adding more content for community members. The above screen shot shows you that we currently have over 150 videos available for community members to view on demand. That’s over 4.5GB of video footage available to help community members learn more about both the technical and business aspects of being a modern cloud provider.

But the information doesn’t stop there, we have a members forums where we answer both business and technical answers. It is place where other cloud resellers can share their challenges and help other members of the community through their experience.

Inside the Cloud Business Blueprint Community is also a raft of documentation, whitepapers and re-brandable content you can take and use with your own customers, all included in the monthly subscription price.

With all this success we are now looking to take the Cloud Business Blueprint community to the next level. This, combined with the significant amount of content that is now part of the community, means that we’ll soon be raising the entry price. However, if you subscribe before the price increase in November you’ll remain on the old rate for the life of your subscription.

Remember, there is no long term commitment, you can cancel at any time without question but I’m confident once you see all the content that is available and the new stuff that we are constantly adding you’ll realise how much time it is going to save you building your business and resolving technical issues.

You’d be hard pressed to find another dedicated environment like this that specifically brings together the best cloud providers from around the world and allows them to build their technical skills, business knowledge and share with others from all around the globe.

If you like the free content that I provide in various places and want to support the work that I do and gain access to the premium content I provide, then the Cloud Business Blueprint community is for you. Remember, join now to lock in the existing subscription price before he increase with no commitments. You can sign up today at:

I look forward to welcoming you inside the Cloud Business Blueprint community as we move into our third year.

Free Cloud Webinar this Thursday


If you want the latest information about cloud based systems like Office 365 or have questions then make sure you sign up for our free monthly ‘Ask Us’ webinar to be held this Thursday the 20th of August. You can register at:

The session will also be recorded and made available on demand for members of the Cloud Business Community along with all the other great stuff that is already in there.

We’ll do our best to not only answer your questions but also show you the solution. We are not looking to sell you anything we just want to ensure that you have the right information about products like Office 365.

Whether you are an end user or a reseller, you’ll get benefits from attending so please sign up today and I hope to see you on the webinar.

Merging an IT Business podcast

We’ve done another Cloud Business podcast this time focused on merging a business. Nigel and I share our experiences and our thoughts as to what works, what doesn’t and what to look out for no matter what side of the merger fence you are on.

We also cover updates around cloud technologies and I share my usual ‘reflection’. You can listen to the episode at:

and of course I’d love to get your thoughts on this or any of our episodes. I’d also appreciate any iTunes reviews as this helps us reach a broader audience. Good or bad, we;d love to hear from you.

Getting Started with Azure updated

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have updated both my Introduction to Azure course as well as my Office 365 bootcamp offering. You can find both of these products on my publications page at:

Because both of these products are changing so rapidly I am trying to keep them as current as possible. Once you purchase the products you will continue to be eligible for updates for the life of that product.

So what is typically updated? For the Azure course I’ve added another video plus access to my Azure OneNote notebook that is full of tutorials, information, links and more. For the Office 365 bootcamp I’ve updated the training OneNote files, the notes for the 70-347 and 70-346 certification exams.

The benefit of OneNote notebooks is that you can use them on any device. If you save them to OneDrive or SharePoint they can also automatically sync across all the devices. You can also use them offline and most importantly they are fully searchable. It is for this reason that I use these notebooks every day in my business to keep track of everything.

By purchasing these, or any of my publications, you are helping me stay in business and allow me to focus on providing more information into these products. Of course all these products are free to subscribers of my Cloud Business Blueprint community. which also provides a heap more for your investment. I encourage you to also check that out if you are keen on taking your cloud business further.

Save time, save effort and help me create the best information sources for products like Office 365 and Azure by supporting my publications. For those people that have already done so, I thank you for your support.

Another Cloud Business podcast

Just uploaded the latest Cloud Business podcast that I do with Nigel Moore. You’ll find it on iTunes, Stitcher but also here for direct listening:

In this episode we focus on how change is going to affect your business customers. Who they are and what they want is going to change over time and especially IT customers as automation and commoditisation dominate more of the industry.

We also cover the usual round up of cloud news with some opinions and listener question throw in. Have a listen, subscribe and let us know what you think, we’d love to hear.

Ask Us webinars are back


As part of the Cloud Business Blueprint I’m running a regular free ‘Ask Us’ webinar. This is where you’ll get some updates on what’ happening in the cloud along with the ability to ask any question about Office 365.

We’ll also be demonstrating the features and functionality of Office 365 and helping you understand how it can benefit your business. These sessions are aimed at business owners and IT Professionals and allows attendees to ask any question they want about the Office 365 service. If we don’t know the answer then we’ll commit to finding one and getting back to you with the right answer as soon as possible.

You can register for this event at:

and we hope to see you there on the day.

Don’t worry if you miss this one as they’ll be running every month.

Cloud Business Podcast Episode 16

The band’s back together with Nigel returning to the microphone after being away on holidays, ably filled in by Mark Penney from SMB Cloud Advisor.

In this episode we focus on the question as to whether your business will scale. You may think it does but we have some important points to consider and some experiences to share. You’ll of this plus our regular questions and answers as well as my ‘reflection’ at:

If you haven’t subscribed to the podcasts yet you can do so on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Don’t forget to give us your honest feedback directly on iTunes or the blog or via We’d love to hear form you.