Last call out for this months free webinar


As last shout out for those interested in attending a monthly free ‘Ask Us’ webinar this Thursday the 17th of September at 12.30pm Sydney time. You can register at:

The webinar will cover some frequently asked cloud questions, provide updates from the online world and then open the floor for questions from attendees. If you have anything you want an answer to when it comes to products like Office 365 this is the place to ask.

The sessions generally include a lot of great information and real world interactive demonstrations so you can see exactly what’s going on. That we believe has real value.

Although we’d be disappointed, if you can’t attend this month then watch out for the next webinar. We run them every month.

All these webinars are recording for our Cloud Business Blueprint community members so they can watch them on demand directly from within the members forum when it suits them. However, they remain free for anyone to attend and ask any question they want when it comes to the cloud.

I hope to see you on the webinar on Thursday.

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