Getting Started with Azure course now available

As I detailed back in January I have now made available my Getting Started with Azure training product. You can find it on my publications page at:

The product is not designed a comprehensive deep dive but as a way for those with little knowledge about Azure to get up and running quickly. The course contains:

– 12 video tutorials

– A 70 page manual that includes material not covered in the videos

– A number of free Azure publications

– Links to other material, documentation and training

and us available for only AU$120

I have pulled together information from many different sources and distilled the essentials of what you need to get started using Azure.

You can download the table of contents that includes a listing of video lessons to see what the product covers. 

This product will continue to be updated over time and your single purchase will provide you will all the updates at no additional cost.

I think this produce will provide the short cut many are looking to understand how they can start using Azure and what it is capable of.

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