Microsoft Graph tenant management summary

I’ve covered a lot in recent articles around using the Microsoft Graph to manage a tenant. You can find those previous articles here:

Reporting on multiple tenants with the Microsoft Graph

Making PowerShell automation easier with the Microsoft Graph

To bring this all together I have created a summary video which you’ll find here:

In it, you see how to use the code that I created to install Azure AD applications in tenants, provide permissions to these Azure AD applications and then finally run a report routine to extract the desired information.

Hopefully, this summary provides a nice easy way to see this concept in action end to end.

Scheduling a Live Event in Microsoft Teams

Live Events allow you to broadcast your content to a very large audience. Such events can be directly scheduled from inside Microsoft Teams. The video above takes you through the process of actually scheduling a Live Event. The direct for the video is here:

Remember, Live Events in Teams are different from typical Teams Meetings which are ad hoc with everyone typically able at the same level. Live Events gives you more control over audience interactions and allows you to integrate professional grade broadcast equipment if you wish. This doesn’t mean that Live Events is only for very large groups, it can work for smaller environments as well. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Hopefully, this short video will get you started on creating your own initial Live Event.

Ignite 2019 sessions on YouTube

Not everyone, including me, is able to get to Microsoft Ignite for various reasons. Microsoft, to their credit, live streams and records the sessions. Eventually, these sessions make their way onto YouTube which is my preferred viewing platform. However, what is missing is a catalogue of the links to each session.


As in previous years:

Ignite 2017 sessions on YouTube

Ignite 2018 sessions on YouTube

I have started building this index and making it available on my GitHub:

Ignite session 2019 on YouTube

Please note, all the session are not there as yet. I add them as I discover them along the way through the year.

Of course, if you have a link to a session that I don’t have up there yet, please send it along so I can add it and we can all benefit.

Thanks again to Microsoft for doing this and uploading the sessions to YouTube. They are a great source of learning and allows people like me would couldn’t get to Ignite the ability to work through the content.