Blogging with SharePoint Online

I’ve written before about how important I believe blogging is. You can find some previous articles at:

Blogging for Business

Your blog is your living resume

The above video is also another great insight from management gurus Seth Godin and Tom Peters as to why blogging is so critical today.

What you may not realize is that SharePoint Online allows you to publish to blogs via a number of different methods. So what I’ll do over the next few posts is cover off all the details about that.

The first option that is available to you with SharePoint Online is to create a blog site in a Team Site. Remember, that a Team Site is designed for multiple people to work together and share different types of information together. A Team Site blog is a great way to capture information and ideas from all people working on the project and make it easy to share.


So to create a Team Site blog you’ll firstly, navigate to the Team Site you wish to the blog to appear beneath. With SharePoint Online a blog is created as a sub site.


You’ll also need to have the rights to create sub sites in SharePoint Online but if you do, select the Site Contents link from the Quick Launch Menu on the left hand side.


This will take you to the area where you can see all the apps you have installed into the SharePoint Team Site as well as add more.

Down the bottom of the window you will find a heading Subsites as well as link to create a new subsite. Select this to continue.


Much like creating a standard subsite you’ll be asked to complete the site Title and Description as well as the site URL suffix.


Now to get all the blogging abilities you need to select the Blog template option under the Collaboration tab in the Template Selection area as shown above.

You can then make any further changes to the desired blog site, scroll down and press the Create button.


In a matter of moments you should see the new blog site shown in the window.


You can now use the Blog tools options on the right hand side to interact with the blog site via the browser.


For example, if you select the option to Create a post you will see the screen above where you are able to enter blog post information directly via a browser with all the standard editing tools available by the SharePoint Ribbon Menu at the top. This includes the ability to change formatting as well as:


inserting a variety of items such as tables, images, videos, links, files by selecting the Insert ribbon tab. There is also the option to directly embed HTML code.


When you have finished editing your post you simply press the Publish button at the bottom of the screen. You will be returned to the home page of the site and your post should now be visible as shown above.

So that’s really al there is to creating a blog site for a Team Site in SharePoint Online and getting up and running. In the next few posts I’ll share some tips and tricks about how to more effectively use the blog that you have just created here so stay tuned.

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