Creating a sub site in your OneDrive for Business

In a recent post I covered off how to create an additional location for files in OneDrive for Business to overcome some of the current syncing limitations. There is another way that you can store additional files (and other items) in your OneDrive for Business.

Because OneDrive for Business is effectively a SharePoint Site Collection you can create any number of ‘subsites’ under the primary OneDrive for Business site. The default primary OneDrive for Business site basically only allows you to add document libraries as I showed in the previous post. However, by creating a ‘standard’ SharePoint subsite under the default you get all the flexibility that a normal SharePoint site has.

To create a subsite under your primary OneDrive for Business site follow these steps:


Firstly, navigate to your OneDrive for Business site.


In the top right select the COG and then Site contents from the menu that is displayed.


You should now see all the standard apps in your OneDrive for Business site. As the previous post highlighted, you can add an app here if you want.


If you however scroll down to the bottom of this page you will find a heading Subsites and a link new subsite. Select this.


You’ll now be taken to the familiar SharePoint dialog that allows you to create a subsite. You give the new subsite a name and URL suffix.


You then select which template you wish the subsite to be based on. Normally you select Team Site so all the features will be available to you.


You generally leave the other settings as default and press the Create button.


After a few moments you should see your subsite displayed.


You can now go into the Site Contents for this new subsite and add something like a Picture Library which you couldn’t do in the primary OneDrive for Business site.

Unfortunately, the only way that you can sync items in a OneDrive for Business subsite is to select sync manually as mentioned  in the previous post. They will also not automatically appear in any mobile clients.

Thus, another way to divide up the space you have available in your OneDrive for Business apart from adding apps at the top level, is to create subsites off the primary site (just like any Team Site) and place you information there. Unfortunately, if you need to sync these items to your desktop you’ll have to do that manually and they also won’t appear in mobile clients.

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